From Anxious Achieving to Mindful Ambition

10 Week 1:1 Coaching Program 


Hello, I'm Gabrielle,

your anxiety relief coach.  I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist, course creator and mindfulness workshop facilitator. 

I've developed this 1:1 coaching program to help other women with high functioning anxiety reduce habitual patterns of anxious behavior and increase that luscious sense of presence and peace.

This program is meant to help you go from feeling overwhelmed, anxious and "not good enough" to feeling confident, present and proud. 

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What's a Clarity Call?

This is your free 45 minute face to face video consultation, during which you can ask your questions, share your goals and your concerns, as well as interview me, in order to determine whether this program is right for you! 

If I feel as though this program will not provide you the benefit you're looking for, I may offer you alternate resources that might better suit your needs. 


You're here, on this page preparing to learn all about this 1:1 program, because you intuitively know that there's a battle you're fighting- a battle that, right now, you feel like you're losing... 

Anxiety is a difficult experience to navigate.  I know it well, because I experience anxiety myself.  I didn't understand my inner experience fully until about 10 years ago, when I really began diving into my healing journey.  

What I've learned along the way, through therapy, grad school, becoming a licensed as a therapist, and starting my private practice... is that more important than trying to "do more, be more, and prove more" is trying to find content, peace, and happiness in this life. 

We strive to become the "best" versions of ourselves while simultaneously feeling our "worst..." leaving us continually unfulfilled, irritable, frustrated, anxious and sad. 

You want to change all of this, and you feel frustrated with yourself because you "rationally" know that the way you function, your patterns of behavior, and your patterns of thinking only hurt you more.  But still, it's hard for you to quit those compulsive behaviors, addictions (and yes, even anxiety can be an addiction), self criticisms, harsh expectations, and obsession with the future (and trying to make it as "good"  as possible). 

You also struggle with self compassion and the ability to self validate- leaving you feeling further frustrated, because although you know your self worth isn't dependent on others, you still act as though it is.  

You're ready to live a life free of anxiety, you're ready to release the self judgements, you're desperately ready to learn how to self validate so that you can live authentically, unapologetically, and with ease.  You're ready to drop those perfectionist behaviors without feeling overwhelmed, unworthy, fearful of judgement, or uncomfortable in any way.  You are ready. 

But you aren't sure how to do it... 

That's where I come in. 

Janel Rodriguez

"... she listens and helps me realize where my social anxiety stems from.  She is professional, but easy to talk to- as if I'm talking to a friend that helps you to feel empowered."

Caitlyn Davis

"I had a transformative experience working with Gabrielle!  I gained personal insight and self-acceptance.  It definitely helped me step into my power!"


Christian Kiley

"Once you take the first step and invest in your mindset, you will discover your ability to thrive even in adverse and challenging circumstances."

High Functioning Anxiety is characterized by:

...increased anxiety in response to low productivity as well as increased productivity in response to high anxiety.  Someone with high functioning anxiety tends to feel worthless, at risk of being judged, lazy, unremarkable or stressed when they aren't achieving up to certain standards. 

Some common anxious experiences include:

  • Body tension
  • Irritability 
  • Feeling on edge 
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Heightened frustration 
  • Irrational thinking 
  • Emotional outbursts 
  • Self criticism 
  • Fear of judgement
  • Neediness- pattern of seeking external validation
  • Feelings of shame and embarrassment
  • Churning stomach
  • Headaches
  • Fluttering feeling in chest
  • Increased heart rate
  • Sweating 
  • Shakiness or tingling in the body

You can see pretty quickly here that anxiety has the potential to be all consuming- and when anxiety sits in the driver's seat, suffering ensues.  Unchecked anxiety can harm our relationship to others, to self, and to existence in general.  If you're seeking to get ahead of this now, good!!  Because as you know, our time is limited and precious, so if there's a solution to your anxious achieving, if there's a way out, if there's a path to peace, presence, and mindful ambition... if there's a way to succeed at your goals sans all the worry and a way to experience a sense of self worth and self love like you never have before... you'd want that solution.

Here's how I can help you: 

You can join me in a 10 week 1:1 coaching opportunity, in which you receive the full Digital Course- From Anxious Achieving to Mindful Ambition while simultaneously working with me in live weekly sessions. 

The Digital Course is an 8 week course, but you receive 2 bonus 1:1 calls following completion of the course (within 30 days) to support your ongoing progress and implementation of knowledge learned.

In addition to the full course and direct 1:1 coaching calls (at 60 minutes in length each), you also receive the full 8-week Mindful Living Series Workshop program (including 8 modules and accompanying PDF supports)

You have unlimited email support throughout the 10 weeks from the start of the program, and all content will be downloadable.

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What's Inside: 

From Anxious Achieving to Mindful Ambition: An 8 Week One on One Coaching Program


Week 1: Do Less, Be More


Here's why it pays to participate in a wellness program developed and run by a licensed marriage and family therapist- you get the in depth, behind the scenes knowledge and techniques used by mental health clinicians in the therapy room.  In this module, we're going to fill your knowledge bucket with all things mindfulness and we'll start putting your skills to the test right from the very onset.

I'll set you up for success by teaching you about the philosophical underpinnings related to mindfulness and support you in creating a plan to start using your innate ability to be present right away; allowing for you to experience a sense of success before even touching the deeper exploration (which definitely comes later on)

You're going to be provided with a wide variety of supportive resources to help you better prioritize your tasks and values and to help you simplify your self care; therefore providing you opportunity to begin shifting your behavioral patterns to achieve a lot more peace and a lot less overwhelm

Finally, I will support you in recognizing barriers to utilizing mindful practice in your day to day life, so that you can begin breaking down barriers, experiencing deeper gratitude, and sinking into the power of being


  • Gain the knowledge that you need in order to understand the importance and impact of mindfulness as defined by neuroscientists, authors and philosophical guides in order to move forward with confidence in knowing you can absolutely strengthen your brain and change your uncomfortable patterns of behavior
  • Create a plan, unique to you, based on your current life struggles, strengths, support and personal joys in order to effectively begin integrating mindfulness into your life now
  • Access clarity around what is stopping you or what has stopped you from utilizing the power of presence to your full advantage, so that you can navigate those blocks with grace and with an empowered sense of self



Week 2: Get to Know You


In this module, we begin digging deeper into the story of your life.  With the knowledge and practice that you gain in module 1, you'll have the opportunity to explore yourself in module 2 with more self compassion, presence and awareness.  It is with this deepened compassionate self awareness that you will succeed in peeling back the layers of you. 

I'll support you, with use of therapeutic strategies and clinical understanding related to mental health, in first identifying the patterns of behavior you wish to shift, identifying from where you derived your own expectations of self, exploring the values that have been driving many of your automatic responses to stress, and connecting with your underlying needs

You're going to be provided step by step guidance and empathic support in order to peel back the 1st, 2nd and 3rd layers of you (behaviors, values, underlying needs), allowing you to see yourself with more clarity than ever before



  • Elevate your knowledge related to cognitive behavioral basics in order to fully recognize the impact of your thoughts on your emotions and behavior; utilize this knowledge, in combination with a self developed tracking tool to not only identify your automatic behavioral responses, but to also start becoming more mindful of your responses on the daily 
  • Get to know yourself through exploring the influence that past life experience has had on your current values; and through this exploration, begin developing and connecting with values that are more authentic to the person you are today (or the person you plan to be tomorrow)
  • Acquire a self compassionate perception of your underlying needs so that you can more clearly identify them and address them for yourself; offering you the chance to respond to your perfectionist tendencies with an upgraded inner narrative



Week 3: Manage your Spirals


Here's where we really get into the essential knowledge related to brain function so that you can achieve a strong grasp on why you are the way you are.  And let me tell you, this is information and guidance that has supported many of my one on one therapy clients, and I am confident it will help you too

Gear up for some incredible learning opportunity around the brain's safety mechanism, the meaning of unconscious behavior and thought as well as research based techniques to support you in improving on the functioning of your own brain.

Further explore and practice here-and-now interventions so that you can replace uncomfortable and exhausting perfectionist behaviors with mindfully ambitious ones; allowing you to be both calm and successful at the same time. 

With step by step guidance, utilize mindful self empathy in the process of developing your own upgraded behavioral blueprint.


  • Become powerfully familiar with and effective at using a three step mindfulness approach to changing behavior; 1) understand 2) investigate 3) shift... not only do you receive educational guidance from a licensed marriage and family therapist, but you also receive the hope that comes along with learning about your brain's innate capabilities... that just haven't been fully tapped into yet
  •  Learn about and practice mindfulness based interventions with intention and with the assurance that the interventions work; focusing on research by Dr. Judson Brewer and Dr. Dan Siegel 
  • Release attachments to recurring thoughts and behaviors as you learn to become more grounded and more connected to your present self
  • Confidently execute strategies to get out of your head, into your body, and away from your typical spirals 



Week 4: Start to Self Validate


 This is one of the most powerful modules you'll experience in this program, because it is here that you will combine all knowledge you've obtained thus far in order to start flourishing in your self validation. 

Although you've previously struggled in your life with the constant need for external validation, the lessons in this module will provide you the tools you need in order to acknowledge your experience mindfully, nurture yourself as needed, and release distressing thoughts- which will grant you the ability to validate your own emotions, beliefs, and desires. 

I will support you in identifying the hurdles in your way of self validating, including reasons for your frequent guilt, regret and ruminative thinking patterns; I will then will support you in overcoming them. 

Finally, you're going to be provided with an array of step-by-step guidance on how you can utilize your own body and your creative strengths in order to release the stress you're so used to holding onto. 


  • Grow stronger in your ability to acknowledge you underlying needs on a moment to moment basis through a variety of simple to use (yet powerful) mindfulness strategies
  • Identify the hurdles placed between yourself and your ability to self validate through exploration of carefully crafted questions, journal prompts and developmental time lines
  • Develop a personally curated self nurturance cheat sheet, which regularly invites you to nurture yourself authentically and effectively (so that you begin to feel a decreased need for outside approval) 
  • Learn how to utilize not only your mind to self soothe, but how to use your physical body to soothe specific distress related to perfectionist tendencies and anxious thinking  



Week 5: Redefine Success


As you progress deeper into the program, it will be time to progress even deeper into your self understanding; I'm going to help you with this in depth exploration by helping you re-define what success means to you

I'll first support you in exploring the root of your current and past definitions of success based on your childhood experiences, cultural background, and core beliefs. 

Next, you'll be supported in creating clear and concise definitions of what it means to succeed and what it means to be worthy; thereby providing you opportunity to assert your own worth and opportunity to feel proud based on your own terms. 

Finally, I am going to offer you the prompts, charts, and guidance so that you can develop life altering affirmations that eventually lead to reformed core beliefs


  • Explore the impact of relationships, cultural background, societal standards, peer interaction and upbringing on your historical understanding of what it means to be successful and what it means to be worthy 
  • Through guided mindfulness practice, connect with the emotions and thoughts that arise in response to your past definition of success- so that you can investigate whether the definition is truly authentic for you now 
  • Re-define experiences like success, achievement and worth in order to lay a new foundation of thought- from which you can build new, preferred behavior (utilizing writing techniques and guided visualization) 
  • Create personalized affirmations based on your own life story, challenges, strengths and up leveled core beliefs, so that your "mindful intervention" tool box is prepped and ready to go for the likely regression into anxious achieving (because this can, and most likely will, happen!) 
  • Lastly, develop a simple routine that allows you to connect frequently and authentically with your supportive affirmations 



Week 6: Rework your Negative Self Talk


As an anxious achiever, you tend to think negative thoughts about yourself often- leaving you feeling depleted, worried, and urgently wanting to do more to be better.  In this module, learn how to greet your negative thinking without attachment to it, so that you can begin reworking the inner narrative

Utilizing proven strategies, begin questioning your automatic thinking patterns in order to counter those pesky, harshly self judgmental thoughts; paving the path for a more honest, loving and encouraging internal story. 

Dig into the reasons why you can trust your upgraded inner narrative so that you can more confidently counter your negative thinking without self doubt


  • Put your mindfulness skills, connection to personal values and awareness of upgraded definitions to the test as you identify and rework your negative self talk 
  • Transform your relationship to self by empathizing with your automatic thoughts and by developing authentic counter thoughts to the typical "I'm not good enough..." kind of thinking 
  • Learn how to be the authority in your own life by determining the reasons for which you can trust your positive self talk
  • Lastly, identify the specific people in your life that offer praise and encouragement and determine the reasons for which you can trust their positive feedback as well 


Week 7: Take New Consistent Action


You might be thinking... "I can try, but I am who I am, and I don't think anything's really going to change" and I'm here to tell you, you're right about some of that.  You are who you are, and the automatic thoughts and behaviors you experience now are likely to resurface- even after you've put in a lot of the work to shift.  And still, it is with new consistent action that you will become so much stronger at intervening and redirecting yourself.

In this module, you will develop a unique and very personally crafted game plan for taking new consistent action.  With clear guidance, I will challenge you to create simple, yet fruitful, plans for re-routing when you notice those typical, uncomfortable, anxiety ridden thoughts, feelings and behaviors. 


  • Master the skill of labeling your experience as you notice it, so that you can utilize your here-and-now awareness to intervene on your historical patterns quickly
  • Harness your skill of self observation and environmental observation in order to assess details, to predict your behavior and the impact of it, and to slow down so that you can live with more intention 
  • Acquire ability to reconsider your thoughts and behaviors on a moment to moment basis; therefore providing yourself with the power to renew you at any given second



Week 8: Integrate Mindfulness into your Life


At this point, you'll be absolutely beaming with pride in all the knowledge, experience and presence you will have gained from modules 1-7.  You'll be feeling so much stronger in your ability to utilize mindfulness strategies, detach from negative thinking, release old definitions of success, affirm your self worth, and intervene on those perfectionist tendencies and overwhelming spirals you used to experience so often. 

In this final module, I am going to cheer you on as you prepare to take all of what you've learned and practiced in this program into your every day life for the rest of your life

This module should be a lot of fun, as you'll be developing mindfulness exercises of your own!  And you'll be regularly putting your own strategies to work in joyful situations as well as challenging ones.  

Also, you'll be learning what it means to live in flow with yourself, so that even if you slide back into those old automatic thoughts and reactions, you can assure yourself that all is not lost, and that you're just another moment away from revamping yet again. 


  • Identify exactly where, when, how, and why you'll be practicing mindful strategies in your daily life 
  • Create your personalized mindfulness plan, with self developed strategies based on guides and cheat sheets that will be provided for you
  • Design self celebration strategies that will carry you through the challenging life experiences you come up against


As you work through the 8 program modules, you will also meet with me for 8 weekly live coaching calls

PLUS: those 2 bonus 1:1 coaching calls following completion of the course

During our live coaching calls, we will:

  • Explore how the week's material is affecting you emotionally and behaviorally, so that you can mindfully address your needs 
  • Engage in a Q&A related to the material, so that any confusion or uncertainty can be completely cleared up- offering you deepened opportunity to weave the program's themes into your life
  • Identify challenges in implementing the material effectively, so that you can receive individualized guidance and support
  • Create solutions to any barriers preventing effective implementation, so that you can walk away feeling confident in your ability to make the changes you wish to make
  • Utilize here-and-now practice of mindfulness in order to support your awareness as well as your ability to make intentional and effective change
  • Track behavioral shifts with use of an individualized tracking sheet (created during the 1st call and reviewed each week)

You'll have so much to celebrate:

  • become a pro at knowing when to practice mindfulness and how to use mindfulness strategies successfully 
  • connect with yourself at the deepest levels through exploration of your behavior, values, and underlying needs 
  • understand the neuroscience around why you engage in repetitive perfectionist tendencies and master the art and science of intervening on your spirals and uncomfortable patterns 
  • grow in your ability to self validate, so that you no longer require external validation in order to feel worthy 
  • redefine success according to your authentic beliefs in the here-and-now
  • rework your negative self talk to reflect an empowering inner narrative 
  • take new, consistent and mindful action- leaving you feeling successful, proud and in control
  • integrate simple yet powerful mindfulness strategies into your daily life, so that you can experience your life with more content, gratitude and celebration 
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