Hello, I'm Gabrielle.

and here’s a few fun facts about me:

I used to be an acting major

…then I was a design major

…then I was an education major

…then I couldn’t make my mind up

And then I turned to Counseling

I’ve been indecisive most my life; changing my outfit at least three times before going anywhere (with deeper insight now, I’ve recognized that this was likely due to existential dread, fear of death and a desire to obtain control over that which was out of my control)

I’ve decided one thing for sure though; I’ve decided to value presence and peace above all (especially after experiencing anxiety for just about as long as I can remember).

I roller skate for fun.

I’m proud of the fact that I’m a brown belt in judo, even though I haven’t done it in years.

I listen to H.E.R. and Snoh Allegra on repeat. All. The. Time.

And I day dream frequently about growing Mindful Revamp, Inc. while simultaneously hoping I don’t die before I do; while then attempting to be mindful enough of my anxieties so that I can more deeply recognize the power in the PROCESS over the PRODUCT.

I’ve been told I ask “deep questions”

and I love to laugh with my clients.

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