Hello, I'm Gabrielle.


I provide virtual therapy to anxious millennials, primarily those working in the helping fields (like nursing, teaching and mental health).  Fellow creative millennials tend to vibe pretty well with my therapeutic style :) I understand, from personal experience, what it's like to constantly feel like you aren't "good enough." I know what it's like to be self critical, and sometimes even self hating.  And I ALSO experience my fair share of anxiety, so I can empathize, relate and support my clients with a ton of authenticity.


In my practice, I teach simple, effective, step by step strategies for improving mental health. But even more importantly, I build trusting, supportive and authentic therapeutic relationships; relationships that propel clients into the healing they hope for. I am here for you.


I may be a therapist, but above that, I'm human. I've had plenty of mental break downs, I've slammed the door, I've instigated arguments, I've said things I regretted saying, I've neglected self care and compared myself to all the other women doing life "better" than me. So when I show up to offer you 1:1 support, online guidance and feedback, or educational content in courses or workshops... I'm showing up as the professional I worked hard to be, but also as the human that can relate, empathize, appreciate and honor the light and struggle in you too.


Please know that if you're struggling with your mental health, it's not that you aren't capable... it's that you haven't found the "right" help for you.


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