Take control of your anxiety through simple and convenient step by step guidance

Learn more about:

  • The root of anxiety
  • How to relieve and release anxiety
  • Step by step action steps to help you actually implement the skills 
  • How to maintain a routine that keeps you feeling good 
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Hi! I'm Gabrielle Gonzalez...

I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist, and after experiencing anxiety for years and years myself, I decided that it's about time I offer a convenient, simple, and supportive resource to help other anxious people learn how to take easy action towards reducing anxiety. 

I'm a big believer that "action is the cure for anxiety" and so that also means that I'm a big advocate for learning. 

Because the more you know, the more control you have.

And anxious people love control, am I right? 

Who is this for:

Anyone that feels overwhelmed or anxious on a regular basis

Anyone that wants to understand where anxiety comes from in the first place

Anyone looking for a solution to their anxiety, overwhelm, or frustration

Anyone feeling insecure or inadequate 

And anyone that wants to feel more fulfilled in their lives 

What you'll learn:

Use mindfulness based strategies to intervene on cycles of anxiety, so that you can feel calm and in control (like, way more often)

Learn about what's at the root of anxiety; because the more awareness you have, the more control you have.  When we understand the science behind anxiety, we're able to stop the anxiety much more easily.

Learn actionable steps so that you actually know what to do when you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious or frustrated.  In theory, we're all capable of managing our anxiety more effectively- but in practice, if we don't know exactly what to do, we'll end up spiraling again (and we don't want that anymore).

Learn the secret to maintaining a routine of wellness.  If we want to be less anxious, we need to take action on a consistent basis.  Let me guide you in developing a simple routine that actually sticks.

What you'll get:

One thorough email a day, for five days in a row, containing video recorded and written educational content 

Printable PDF guides to help you develop easy routines that help you feel good 

Recorded guided mindfulness to support you in putting the strategies you learn into practice, real time 

By the end of this series...

  • You will understand the root of your anxiety with much more clarity
  • You'll know easy, step by step strategies to help you relieve and release anxiety quickly
  • You'll have the tools to develop consistent and convenient routines that keep you feeling good 
  • You'll know how to cope with anxiety, even on your hard days, and even when you slip back into your old anxious ways

Our senses are portals to peace.  If only we could spend less time connected to our thoughts and more time connected to our senses, I believe that anxiety would simply start to melt away.

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Remember this though: you won't feel better if you don't try to feel better.  So don't just read the emails, but truly put into action what resonates (and watch your life begin to transform).

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