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If you're not sure about therapy with me (or anyone yet), that's ok!  Schedule your free intro call and ask me any questions you may need to in order to make an informed decision!  I'm here to make things as clear and streamlined as possible for you!

What therapy looks like with me:

  • I want to build a trusting and super authentic relationship with you.  It's my primary goal to help you feel supported and validated (so that you can be totally honest with me).
  • I trust that you have your own inner knowing and one of my intentions is to help you connect with your own strengths and creative ideas to help you get control over your anxiety.
  • I use mindfulness based strategies, attachment theory and a person centered approach in my sessions- I often draw on concepts around neuroscience and cognitive behavioral therapy (I love a good thought reframe)


I'm a highly sensitive anxious gal myself, and I have tons of empathy for what you're going through.  If you're ready to either kick start your mental health journey or create a new relationship with a therapist that might get you like no one has before, holla at ya' girl.  

If you don't know yet whether you have anxiety, do you resonate with any of these issues?

Feeling irritable or on edge, feeling a sense of doom or worry that doesn't seem to always be attached to anything specific, feeling tense in your body, having some trouble sleeping (maybe tossing or turning or not feeling rested after you sleep), having a hard time concentrating and having your mind go blank sometimes when you're talking to people or doing things... 

If multiple things there resonated, you might be dealing with what's called "generalized anxiety" (my specialty).  But you might also have a stressful or traumatic background that simply makes it hard for you to control your emotions (people probably know you as "sensitive"). 

If you're ready to dig into this experience, figure out why you feel so mentally, emotionally and physically "off," schedule your intro call and let's see if we're the "right therapeutic match!"



If you're ready to put in the work (but make if fun and mindful), then schedule your intro call today.  Here's the thing, even in all of the anxiety or depression you might be feeling, I want you to know there IS hope.  There is a way to gain control.  There is a way to leave that toxic relationship (whoever it's with) or finally get a handle on the relationship you're trying to keep.  There is a day when you'll be able to think of loved ones you've lost without sinking into deep sadness.  And there will definitely be a time you'll be able to look back and say, "wow, I'm like a new person now." 


Let's get to work!

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