The Mindful Living Series

An 8 week digital course to help you go from ruminating on the regular & filled with anxiety to feeling relaxed right here, right now

Course begins on 3/14/23

Support at your fingertips

Access content anywhere, anytime by simply logging into your digital library.  All content will be made downloadable.

Learn simple and actionable strategies

Learn evidenced based strategies for healing anxiety and for replacing cycles of overthinking with cycles of peace.

Access live support and guidance

Engage in 4 live, group Q&A workshops in order to access deepened support and practice with implementing skills. 

"We need to practice mindfulness like any other skill or discipline.  Gaby's mindfulness workshops empowered me to be present in moments and acknowledge my stressors, rather than ignore them.  Once you take the first step and invest in yourself and your mindset, you will discover your ability to thrive even in adverse and challenging circumstances.  Gaby helped me realize that I can find genuine and meaningful moments throughout the day.  It is an investment that will pay lifelong dividends."

Former Workshop Participant

Are you...?

  • someone that ruminates regularly 
  • someone that's been labeled as an "overthinker
  • someone that wonders if you'll ever be able to get "out of your head
  • someone that tends to get overwhelmed or irritated easily 
  • someone that has a hard time letting things go
  • wanting to learn how to be present, so that you can stop feeling so anxious and start enjoying life more

Maybe you...

  • have a tendency of putting too much on your plate
  • often feel insecure or inadequate in some way
  • have a habit of comparing yourself to others
  • have a difficult time controlling your emotions
  • try to cope with your feelings by ignoring them or trying to take control of other areas in your life
  • beat yourself up way to often 


If so, you are in exactly the right place at the right time. 


The Mindful Living Series 8 Week Digital Course is going to help you with all of this, by teaching specific strategies for reducing anxiety and by guiding you, week by week, in implementing the strategies and coping skills that are scientifically proven to improve mental health. 

Enroll now in 1 payment (most cost effective)

What you get (on 3/14/2023):


Eight weeks of direct support from me, Gabrielle, via email (on weekly basis from 2/7/23-4/4/23)

Eight mindfulness based workshops, teaching evidenced based strategies backed by neuroscience to help you get out of your head (each workshop released 1 week at a time) 

Supporting PDF documents with each of the eight modules (including a Daily Routine Guide, Mindful Exploration Activities, as well as digital Affirmation Cards) 

Simple and convenient support via a self paced course (you will have lifetime access, so you will not have to move through the material more quickly than you are able) 

Four live recorded Q&A sessions, where you can email me your questions and then access the recorded Q&A in your library 

Let's be totally real with each other...


I want you to receive the best support, given your situation, as possible.  Therefore, I am offering this 7 day money back guarantee so that you can simply join The Mindful Living Series at absolutely no risk to you. 


If by 3/21/23 you decide, "meh, it's not for me," I will humbly return your investment! 


But let me get even realer with you... this program is going to change your life, and if you put in the work, you absolutely won't regret it. 

Enroll now in 4 payments (if you're on a budget!)

I created The Mindful Living Series because...

I myself have dealt with anxiety over the course of my life and I've found mindfulness to be the absolute most helpful tool in my my own healing journey and in the healing journey of so many others.  I've had many therapy clients benefit tremendously from learning how to gain presence and more intentionally respond to their emotions.

I've personally found that by learning strategies to support my presence, I've been much better able to:

  • communicate my feelings more clearly
  • independently cope with my own emotions
  • improve communication between myself and my husband (and all other family members)
  • set boundaries I very much needed to set 
  • intentionally choose to engage in activities & experiences that bring me joy
  • release anxious thoughts 
  • relieve tension in my body 

I've professionally found that clients that have learned and implemented mindfulness based strategies have been able to:

  • leave toxic relationships and gain confidence in their choice to do so 
  • improve focus at work or school, therefore releasing feelings of insecurity 
  • experience an improved body image and take healthy and consistent action towards maintaining wellness 
  • cope with grief with more ease and peace 
  • better prioritize what needs to be done and when 
  • heal from trauma 
  • not only release anxious thoughts, but also reframe them 
  • develop positive affirmations that actually work 
  • develop a sense of self love and self compassion they never previously had 
  • learn to forgive (including forgiving the self) and learn to set boundaries (including boundaries with self)
  • find more joy in the day to day activities 
  • explore hobbies and find passions 
  • and really, so much more... 

I understand that not all people can access therapy, find their "right match" therapist, or afford to participate in long term treatment.  I mean, I myself was once a ridiculously in debt college student just thankful that my university offered free counseling. 

For this reason, I've chosen share this digital course with you.  So that you can access quality, in depth, evidenced based and guided support in reducing anxiety and improving your mental health. 

One time payment


course begins on 3/14/23

$1200 value


Four payments


course begins on 3/14/23

$1200 value


Enrollment ends on 3/10/23

Module 1: Honesty and Empathy

How to be more present

How to practice mindfulness

Types of mindfulness

How to mindfully acknowledge and address your needs, so that you can finally stop feeling so anxious 

Module 2: Knowing Your Strengths

The neuroscience behind mindfulness 

How to access and utilize your own strengths as tools for coping with anxiety

How to mindfully counteract feelings of anxiety 

How to connect with yourself, so that you can meet your needs as opposed to ignoring them

How to overcome barriers that prevent you from accessing and using your strengths

Module 3: The Self as Priority

How to effectively prioritize your SELF and your self care 

 How to develop simple, realistic, and richly soothing self care strategies (that you can use almost anywhere and anytime)

Mental hacks to combat anxiety 

Module 4: A Mindful Mindset

What it really means to be present in YOUR life

Sensory strategies to support your own mindfulness practice 

How to recognize the cycle of anxiety and how to exit the cycle of anxiety with ease

How to pro-actively and re-actively manage feelings of anxiety

The importance of affirmation development and how to create your own 

Module 5: The Worries Inventory

How to recognize feelings of worry with intention

Mindful strategies for both recognizing and releasing feelings of worry

How to manage worry with use of both a worries inventory and solutions inventory

Module 6: Simple Plans for Sense of Peace

The importance of simplifying your self care routines in order to maintain your mental health

How to simplify your routines

The importance of recognizing your own patterns of behavior

How to dwindle down your long list of to-do's into your main, most important priorities

How to self-check-in morning, day & night 

Module 7: Mindfulness Day to Day

The use of mindfulness in processing suffering

The use of mindfulness in identifying where we fall on the hierarchy of needs

How to increase your awareness of emotion

Simple & applicable self check-in ideas 

Module 8: Mindfulness Deep Dive

What your cognitive distortions are and how to manage them

How to nurture yourself through painful emotion

The various approaches to healing anxiety 

Mindfulness strategies to support your self soothing, so that you can stop intellectualizing and analyzing your anxiety and so you can start actually releasing it

Let me be on your side...

I know that as an anxious individual, there's a chance you might be catastrophizing, you might be thinking of all that could go wrong, and you might already be beating yourself up for struggling with your mental health to begin with. 

I'm with you... I know it's hard, and it's totally understandable if you're doubting yourself right now, doubting me, or even wishing you didn't have to even consider doing a course like this.

I can see you thinking any of the following:

"I shouldn't be this anxious to begin with."

"I should just be able to manage my emotions on my own."

"I shouldn't need this."

The catastrophizing, the negative thinking, the self criticism, the "shoulds" are all ways in which your anxiety is lying to you right now, has been lying to you, and will continue lying to you... if you don't take action to stop it. 

I'm here with you, right by your side, start to finish.  If you aren't sure, or you have further questions, email me!  Let's talk! 

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One time payment


Enrollment closes 3/10/23


Four payments


Enrollment closes 3/10/23