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By Gabrielle Rose Gonzalez, LMFT

 "If I were to die tomorrow, I'd feel fulfilled... I wouldn't have gotten to this point without you" 


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Mental health treatment and courses to help you find the calm, confident and "in control" version of you.


Specializing in treating anxious overachievers and perfectionists. 


If you have a tendency to:

  • feel insecure

  • self criticize

  • experience chronic body tension

  • struggle with irritability 

  • become easily fatigued 

  • worry about things often 

  • feel overwhelmed 

  • overthink 


or if you experience physical issues like irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, nausea, rapid heart rate, sweating, shakiness or trembling, difficulty breathing, difficulty sleeping or chest pain...


You might be struggling with anxiety.  The good news is, this experience is something you can take control of.  With effort, intention and support, you can leave the cycles of anxiety behind and replace them with cycles of peace. 

It's not your fault that you feel overwhelmed, insecure, anxious, or "out of control." But it is your responsibility to now create the intentional, peaceful and joyous life you want to live.


My goal is to help you feel so safe and supported that you can release the past, connect to the now, and grow into the calm, confident and "in control" version of you that you so desperately want to be.


And yes... you can cuss in therapy. I'll likely join you.


<3 Gabrielle

Telehealth therapy: Individual therapy to support you in unraveling the emotional stress and discomfort you experience in your life. Whether you seek to release the anxiety you experience on an almost daily basis, battle your insecurities, take control over your emotional experience, or gain clarity regarding your next "best steps" to take given your current circumstances and challenges, therapy is your safe space. Learn more below.

The Map to Mindfulness: Your free 5 day email series, specifically crafted to support you in upping your anxiety related knowledge as well as equipping you with the coping skills to help you manage anxiety more effectively. This is your simple, convenient guide to propel you further into your mental wellness journey. Learn more here.

The Mindful Living Series: Your 8 week digital course to support you in replacing anxious cycles with peaceful ones. This course will teach you everything you need to know to begin your own mindfulness practice; you'll learn, practice and implement strategies that are scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and increase a sense of calm and control. Learn more here.


"I 100% feel so much better now... I was so anxious the last few days"


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 Telehealth Therapy Sessions:

Psychotherapy (for CA residents only) is mental health treatment; with Mindful Revamp, the primary focus of treatment is to evaluate life stressors, trauma, core beliefs, and the impact of these experiences on well being. Therapy sometimes includes diagnosing, which is done for the purpose of better understanding each individual client’s needs as well as the most effective approach to treatment.

Therapy with Mindful Revamp, Inc. invites an integrative approach to healing; where you, the client, are recognized as a piece of nature that has weathered storms and changed with the seasons. The integration of your mind, body and breath are at the seat of healing- as you engage your senses, your innate abilities, and your capacity to make meaning in new ways.

Meet with your therapist for 50 minutes of unconditional positive regard, deep empathy, full presence and authentic reflection. Your therapist will utilize mental health theory, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Pscyhodynamic Therapy, Attachment Focused Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Family Systems Therapy or Gestalt Therapy (dependent on personal needs of each client).

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"Thank you so much, you are amazing."


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